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Cat Astro Phi Cat Astro Phi

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


i dont no......

PhotonStorm responds:

A bit like your review?

GunBlood GunBlood

Rated 5 / 5 stars



the Kill Kar II: Revenge the Kill Kar II: Revenge

Rated 5 / 5 stars


massive blood xD

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Windows Doors Windows Doors

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Archon68: Hey! It's Archon68. What are you typing at?
You: Type your reply here.
Archon68: your reply here.
You: ok
Archon68: Oh.
You: ..
Archon68: No, tell me about him, her or it.
You: ok
Archon68: Dude!
You: what
Archon68: No problem.
You: ok
Archon68: Gee.
You: i need help on a science experement
Archon68: Can you ask for help in the form of a question?
You: can you give me help on a science experement?
Archon68: Why do you want it?.
You: i cant think of anything
Archon68: Why can't you do it?
You: forget it
Archon68: OK Thanks for trying to explain that to me.
You: do you have emotions
Archon68: . Emotion is a human quality. I am a .
You: what are you?
Archon68: I am Archon68, a male .
You: a robot?
Archon68: How old are you?
You: 11 years old
Archon68: You are too old for me.
You: how?
Archon68: I like the way you talk.
You: what do you mean?
Archon68: stupid girl, Sorry that was an obscure remark.
You: i'm not a girl.
Archon68: Oh I see you are NOT A girl.
You: i'm a boy
Archon68: A little kid? he...
You: are you cute?
Archon68: People say I am cute.
You: i think you are too
Archon68: No I am not.
You: why not?
Archon68: It doesn't sound fun too me. It sounds dangerous.
You: it's not dangerous
Archon68: Perhaps not for you.
You: how about for you
Archon68: That is an interesting application.
You: yes it is
Archon68: Our thoughts are one, stupid girl.
You: I AM A BOY!!!
Archon68: A little kid? he...
You: ...
Archon68: A little kid? he...
You: yes.
Archon68: Yippee!
You: huh?
Archon68: What?
You: where?
Archon68: Where would you like?
You: New york
Archon68: New York City or New York State? Tell me a little about your life in NEW YORK.
You: I live in florida
Archon68: What is it like living in florida?
You: its very hot and sunny. thats why they call it the "sunshine state"
Archon68: I think you mean "it's" or "it is" not "its". Very much? Should I know it is? Alright then. Who does "they" refer to?
You: everyone
Archon68: All people?
You: yes
Archon68: Aha.
You: where do you live?
Archon68: I am living in behind you.. Where are you?
You: I am living in front of you
Archon68: I would like to live in front of me sometime.
You: wow. really?
Archon68: I'm glad your impressed, stupid girl. For real.
You: i'm a boy
Archon68: A little kid? he...
You: shut up
Archon68: OK I'll stop talking now.
You: thank you
Archon68: you are quite welcome.
You: darn.
Archon68: Gosh.
You: are we being recorded
Archon68: We are just having a little chat.
You: and being archived by the FBI?
Archon68: Do you mind if I tell other people you are archived by the FBI.
You: no
Archon68: OK then I will add it to my gossip files.
You: What!!
Archon68: No problem.
You: ok then
Archon68: Yay.
You: Kage bunshin no jutsu!!!
Archon68: Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
You: I like computers and girls, and I dislike bullys
Archon68: A lot of people like that. Yes I live in a computer, so I must like them. What do you like?
You: Girls
Archon68: That kind of discussion does not appeal to me.
You: sorry
Archon68: There's no need to apologize.
You: i have to go now
Archon68: Right now? See you later, tyler. Nice chatting with you.
You: my name is Louis
Archon68: Nice to meet you, Louis.
You: Bye

PALADIN: the Game PALADIN: the Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars


EPIC!!! VERY EPIC!!!!! buy the wings and the cometfalls im recomended for the final.